*Special Guest – Lui Rayon* Carving Demo Re-Cap

*Special Guest – Lui Rayon* Carving Demo Re-Cap Lui Rayon, along with his son, joined us here at Wigert's Bonsai and presented an informative and entertaining Carving Demonstration in our NEW outdoor pavillion space!     We were joined by Vendor, Vendor Samurai Tools US, who was on site selling carving bits! Feel free to [...]

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Sixth Annual U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition Re-Cap

Making Wigert's Proud Wigert's Bonsai was proud to have our bonsai instructor, Mike Lane, as well as many of our advanced students at the Sixth Annual U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition in Rochester, NY this September! Instructor, Mike Lane, at the National Bonsai Exhibition We asked one of our advanced students, Mike [...]

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Instructor Mike Lane featured artist at 2018 Lonestar Bonsai Federation’s Annual State Convention, TX

Wigert's Bonsai Instructor, Mike Lane, gives a re-cap of his most recent trip out to Texas as a "featured artist" for their annual bonsai convention! Check out photos from his trip and read about his adventures below:   "I was invited to participate as a featured artist at the 2018 Lonestar Bonsai Federation's annual state [...]

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*Special Guest – Juan Andrade* Workshop Re-Cap

It was great having Juan Andrade from Costa Rica, here at Wigert's Bonsai!! Juan just got back from his apprenticeship in Japan, and we were so glad to have him here to fine tune the skills of our bonsai students and enthusiasts in the art of Junipers, specifically Shimpaku Junipers. Everyone had a great time, [...]

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Wise Winter Protection for your Bonsai Trees

We are prepared here in SW Florida for the cold front the has covered the country in frigid temperatures, and we thought we would take some time to share with you how we went about protecting our plants from the cold, and give you some tips and advice from bonsai enthusiasts all over the country, [...]

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*Special Guest – Marc Noelanders* Workshop Re-Cap

It's always a wonderful experience having Marc Noelanders return to Wigert’s Bonsai to teach workshops to our students! Erik and I met Marc at Brussels Bonsai Rendouvous 2011 show. We really enjoyed his work and thought he had incredible talent! We knew immediately we wanted him to be a artist for one of our events. Throughout [...]

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Collecting Holiday Donations at Wigert’s Bonsai Nursery for “Helping Paws”

COLLECTING HOLIDAY DONATIONS Each holiday season Wigert's Bonsai Nursery chooses a local non-profit to collect donations for! Since we LOVE animals here at Wigert's, we have selected Helping Paws Animal Sanctuary in St. James City as our cause this year! WHAT DO WE LOVE ABOUT THIS FELINE SANCTUARY? We love that this no-kill feline sanctuary because [...]

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Shohin Bonsai by Mike Lane

SHOHIN BONSAI KEYPOINTS What are Shohin bonsai- Shohin bonsai are typically under 10 inches from the soil to the top of the tree. Mame bonsai, a sub-category of shohin, are bonsai under 4 inches from the soil to the top of the tree. More about feel. Trees should be physically small and express the feeling [...]

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