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Overnight Orders

Overnight orders must be submitted on the previous day by 11am in order to deliver the next day. Overnight orders are not available on Saturday or Sunday.

Combined Shipping

Sometimes the website can miscalculate shipping costs due to the combination of items in the shopping cart. We review each order’s shipping cost and happily refund any overages.

Arizona Customers

Due to Agricultural regulations we can only ship pre-bonsai plants in 6 inch pots (or smaller) to Arizona. We can however ship all other items like pots, tools, soil, etc.

California Customers

Florida Agricultural regulations do NOT allow us to ship junipers to California.

Puerto Rico

Plants shipped to Puerto Rico require a Phytosanitary Certificate, $75 per shipment. Trees must be shipped bareroot. There are no guarantees for orders shipped to PR.


Plants shipped to Canada require a Phytosanitary Certificate $75 per shipment. There are no guarantees for orders shipped to Canada. Chinese Elm, Juniper & Cypress trees are not permitted to ship to Canada.


Wait! Keep your bonsai warm during shipping.

If you are ordering a tropical bonsai, we highly recommend that you add a heat pack if your nighttime temperatures are 38°F or below. Heat packs last 4 days.

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