Bonsai Trees

At Wigert’s, we are growers of quality pre-bonsai nursery plants, specializing in tropical species. Our plants have been carefully pruned and most are ready for bonsai pots. We carry a selection of trees planted in bonsai pots that are excellent starter plants or gift items. We also sell one of a kind Specimen Trees for serious collectors.

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Pre-Bonsai Trees

Carefully pruned material, in potting soil planted in plastic training pots. Pre-bonsai material is ready to be turned into starter bonsai.


One-of-a-Kind Pre Bonsai

Unique pre-bonsai material which has been selected for it’s future bonsai potential.

Beginner kit


Trees in bonsai pots, planted in bonsai soil. Excellent starter bonsai or gift item.


One-of-a-Kind Bonsai

Unique bonsai trees which has been selected for their desirable features, pruned with some initial styling.

Specimen Trees

Trees that have been in training by owner Erik Wigert for many years, the design has been established, now you just need to enjoy it!


Shohin Bonsai

Material developed to be under 8 inches in height, able to fit in one hand.

wire tree

Wire Tree Sculptures

Wire Bonsai Tree Sculptures Handmade in Vietnam

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