It was great having Juan Andrade from Costa Rica, here at Wigert’s Bonsai!!

Juan just got back from his apprenticeship in Japan, and we were so glad to have him here to fine tune the skills of our bonsai students and enthusiasts in the art of Junipers, specifically Shimpaku Junipers. Everyone had a great time, with lots of smiles, but let them tell you ALL about it:

REVIEWS from Juan’s Workshop

When attending workshops with various artists there are certain techniques and knowledge that I expect to learn: Plant physiology, pest management, fertilizing regiment, pruning techniques, branch bending techniques and re-potting techniques just to name a few. So often, many of these important facts are left out in order to make a “finished” tree for the attendees of the workshop. So often, we are caught up in styling the tree that many important points are overlooked. While I still look at myself as a “rookie” in this art, I have an idea of what happens when the tree is rushed through a certain stage in development-leaving us having to fix many problems down the road. Styling a tree in a workshop and refining a tree in a workshop cannot be accomplished at the same time due to many factors: setting a trunk line, dealing with taper and selecting branches just to name a few.

In a recent workshop with Juan Andrade at Wigerts nursery, I was astounded that all of the aforementioned ideas were covered, at the beginning and throughout the workshop. Juan spent equal time with all 10 participants over a grueling 8 hours of non-stop education. Open your eyes fellow noobs there are 10 different trees to be worked not just our own. I learned so many important techniques throughout this day that I went home drained of energy yet could not stop thinking about all I had learned. The level of expertise and quality of the junipers made this one of the best workshops I have ever been part of.

Erik and Andrea thank you for providing awesome and healthy Junipers along with an amazing space to work.
Juan, Thank you for your love of the art, the passion to share your knowledge and the patience of a saint.
Im hooked.



Juan Workshop Gallery

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