Limeberry, Limoncillo
Triphasia trifolia

Java, Indonesia, Suriname, and Puerto Rico

A member of the rutacae (citrus) family.  Grows as a shrub to a height of 9 feet.  It has trifoliate dark green leaves, and small white fragrant flowers.  It has small thorns, and half inch round red fruit.  The fruit is edible and can be cooked to make a preserve.

Can tolerate full sun to partial shade.  Keep soil moist.  Protect from frost.  Can be grown as indoor bonsai with good lighting.  Propagated by seed, cutting or air layering.

As Bonsai:
Limeberry or limoncillo as it is called in Puerto Rico makes excellent tropical bonsai material.  Nursery grown stock is available, but limoncillo is a slow grower.  To get larger trunks use collected material if possible.  The photos I have inserted are from the collection of Budi Sulistyo of Indonesia.  He uses collected material from his country and states that some of his pictured trees are over 100 years old.  The wood of limoncillo is very dense and hard to cut.  It lends itself well to the creation of jins, and shari.  Limoncillo can be defoliated and this makes wiring much easier.  The new shoots set to position very well when wired.  Repot in the summer using a well draining mix.  Resistant to most pests.


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