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Double trunk style – Sokan from a Twin tree – Soju

*Father / Son planting


Double trunk style is composed of two trunks sharing the same root system. The double trunk style is commonly found in nature and may occur naturally from a side sprout or seedling from the ‘father tree’. Many times this style starts out as a Twin tree style – Soju, and over time the two trees eventually grow together forming a Double trunk style. These two styles are the only acceptable plantings using two trees in a single pot.

Basic design considerations:

The general rules for these styles are the same as any single tree style.

  • The height of each tree should be different. The taller tree should also have the thicker trunk.
  • The trees should be planted slightly diagonal to create depth, do not plant them directly side by side.
  • The trunk should divide at or near the soil level.
  • Trunks should form a ‘V’ shape, try to avoid crossing roots.
  • Usually the direction of the trunk and apex should be the same with the exception of some cascade styles.
  • The trees should harmonize in curve of the trunk as well as branch arrangement.
  • Branches are trained as if it were a single tree.
  • The first branch is shared by both trees. It should ideally be on the shorter of the two trees.
  • Branches should not be on the same level, or cross one another.
  • Do not place a branch from the taller tree over the apex of the shorter one, in nature the shorter tree would grow away from the branch to reach sunlight.
  • * The overall outline of a Double trunk or Twin tree should form a triangular shape.

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Double Trunk           Twin Tree

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