Guarantee/Refund Policy

At Wigert’s Bonsai Nursery we guarantee that you will receive from us a healthy plant. We will ship your item promptly after payment is received. We will pack your plant to our best ability in order to provide the safest shipping.

UPS Ground can have long transit times to states that are the farthest from Florida. Some examples are CA, CO, WA, etc. can have a 1 week delivery time and is very stressful on the trees. We cannot guarantee safe arrival of plants if you choose UPS Ground and your transit time is over 4 days. We recommend upgrading to UPS 3 day Air service for safe arrival of plants.

We will do our best to protect ceramic pots but they can break during shipping. If pots are damaged we can file a claim with UPS for the value of the pot.

It is normal for plants to drop leaves, flowers and fruit during shipping. Some plants are photographed with flowers, we cannot guarantee that flowers and fruit will hold during shipping. If leaves drop, new growth should re-sprout in a few weeks if the plant is kept in an appropriate condition.

Most of our plants are tropical and ideally should be grown outdoors in tropical climates or in a greenhouse. However it is possible to grow any plant indoors if the appropriate conditions are provided. Research growing plants indoors and see what you can do to help improve your indoor growing conditions.

Our refund policy is for damage during shipping ONLY. If your trees arrived damaged please notify us within 3 days so we can issue a refund. Photos of damaged trees are required. Phone : 239-543-2234 –

*Shipping fees are non refundable. Shipping price is the actual fee UPS/USPS bills us plus the cost of packing materials. We do not mark up the price of shipping, therefore if you are not satisfied with your tree we can refund the value of your item but we cannot refund the shipping fee. **However if you experience longer than usual transit times (when using UPS 3 day service) or major shipping damage we can file a claim with UPS and you can be refunded in full once the claim is approved.

Shipping tropicals in the winter to areas that are cold is risky. If you live in an area where low temps are bellow 35Fshipping will be at your own risk.

Winter Shipping

Shipping tropicals in the winter is risky. We do not guarantee plants shipped to locations where the low temps are bellow 35F as this can damage or even kill tropical trees. Before placing your order make sure you are comfortable with shipping a tropical tree At YOUR OWN RISK. We can add a HEAT PACK for $3.00 and this will help with safe shipping. Also the package should not sit outside in the cold. Make sure the shipping address is to a location where someone can receive it. Orders arrive usually Thursdays – Friday from the UPS. Please contact us for more info. 239-543-2234