SCIENTIFIC NAME: Carmona microphylla
COMMON NAME: Small Leaf Fukien Tea

UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: SMALL LEAF FUKIEN TEA is a perfect tree for the beginning bonsai artist. It is a fast growing hardy tree. With it’s small leaves, delicate white flower, and gnarled trunk it is one of the most interesting bonsai trees available. Tree produces tiny white flowers and small red berries. Unique foliage shape, and nursery grown. Unique nebari, and a dense canopy of foliage. Fukien Tea likes full sun/ partial sun and moderate water and fertilizer. This is the ‘small leaf’ variety which blooms and fruits more frequently in addition to having smaller leaves.

Planted in our well draining bonsai soil in a ceramic bonsai pot.

Image above is a sample picture from our nursery stock. This may not be the exact tree you will receive, but one similar in size. We have a variety of ceramic pots. Pots may be a different shape/color as shown. We will select the best tree for you to ship. Be aware it is perfectly normal for leaves, flowers or fruit (if applicable) to drop during shipping.