SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chloroleucon tortum Syn. Pithecellobium tortum
COMMON NAME: Brazilian Raintree Forest

UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: Chloroleucon tortum is one of our most popular bonsai species! Very beautiful compound foliage that closes when it rains and at night! The Brazilian Rain Tree is native to South America, more specifically Brazil. It is a tree that can grow to over 15 feet tall, and spread over 18 feet in diameter. It has crooked stems and branches, thorns, and a peeling grayish naturally exfoliating bark. The trunk develops deep flutes as it matures. It can produce white flowers and corkscrew shaped seed pods.

Water as needed, don’t let the soil dry out- likes sun or shade. This is a tropical plant, keep away from freezing temps. Raintree likes full/ partial sun and moderate water and fertilizer.


Image above is a sample picture from our nursery stock. This may not be the exact tree you will receive, but one similar in size. We will select the best tree for you to ship. Be aware it is perfectly normal for leaves, flowers or fruit (if applicable) to drop during shipping.