Wigerts nursery offers convenient boarding & maintenance services to keep your trees healthy while you are away from home. For a very reasonable fee, plants will be hand watered, fertilized and observed for pests. Trees are kept in a special ‘off-limits’ area of the nursery. Don’t risk your bonsai by leaving them unattended while on vacation.

Call to set up a drop off time.
We also offer pruning and repotting services if desired.


  • Boarding ($1,$3, $5, $7 per week, per tree) depends on size
  • Repotting (depends on size $10-20 on average)
  • Hospital care (see boarding fee)
  • Wire removal – $25 per hour
  • Styling – $50 per hour

Private maintenance at your home can also be scheduled with one of our professional teachers. Contact us to schedule.