In addition to our beautiful selection on bonsai trees, pots, and accessories we also offer numerous services to support you, such as boarding, repotting & bonsai maintenance.


Wigerts nursery offers convenient boarding & maintenance services to keep your trees healthy while you are away from home. For a very reasonable fee, plants will be hand watered, fertilized and observed for pests. Trees are kept in a special ‘off-limits’ area of the nursery. Don’t risk your bonsai by leaving them unattended while on vacation.

Rate: $1, $3, $5, or $7 per week, depending on size.

Bonsai Boarding Service
Bonsai Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

In addition to boarding, we offer various maintenance services to care for your bonsai. Please see below for services & pricing.

Repotting: Depends on size, $10-25 average
Wire Removal: $30/hour
Insect Treatment: $10

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