SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ficus petiolaris
COMMON NAME: Mexican Rock Fig

DIMENSIONS: 6″ (height) 5″ (wide) 3 1/2 ” (base) 4 1/2″ Ceramic Pot 

CARE: Ficus Petiolaris, a native of Mexico, commonly known as rock fig, because it is often found growing in rocky areas where the roots stretch over rocks in search of rooting soil. Petiolaris has a very distinctive hot pink veins on each leaf and develops a large and distinctive lump at base, which is called a basal caudex. Even a young plant can produce a swollen stem. 

FICUS is a very hardy tree, that is particularly great for banyan-style bonsai. It can be grown indoors and outdoors with beautiful pads and great aerial roots. Produces ornamental figs. Ficus likes full/ partial sun and moderate water and fertilizer. Tropical tree, keep away from freezing temperatures.

This tree was styled by Erik Wigert, owner of Wigert’s Bonsai Nursery in North Ft Myers, Florida.
In 2008 at the “1st National Bonsai Exhibition” in Rochester, NY he was awarded “Best Tropical Bonsai” for his Purple Bougainvillea.

This is a tree from our personal collection here at Wigert’s Bonsai Nursery. If you visit the nursery you will see it on display.  
This is a chance for you to own a very special specimen bonsai.

Larger specimen trees can/ will require a custom built wooden crate for safety in shipping. The construction of this box could be an additional fee. Larger specimen trees can require freight delivery. The price of freight is subject to change, so please call for exact pricing.