SCIENTIFIC NAME: Gmelina philippensis
COMMON NAME: Parrots Beak

UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: Exposed roots! Grown by developing roots in tall container using perlite.  Over time perlite washes out naturally, or it can be removed when repotting.

PARROT’S BEAK has lovely “ivy” shaped foliage that reduces well with training. Grows a very compact canopy, and produces a gorgeous yellow flower. Fast grower, will develop into a nice bonsai quickly. Tropical tree, keep away from freezing temperatures.  Parrot’s Beak likes full sun and moderate fertilizer and water.

Image above is a sample picture from our nursery stock. This may not be the exact tree you will receive, but one similar in size. We will select the best tree for you to ship. Be aware it is perfectly normal for leaves, flowers or fruit (if applicable) to drop during shipping.