SCIENTIFIC NAME: Taxodium distichum
COMMON NAME: Bald Cypress
SPECIFICS: 23″ tall from soil line. 3″ nebari. 1″ trunk at first branch. 10″ Plastic pot.

CARE: BALD CYPRESS is a long-lived, deciduous wetland species that grows along rivers, streams, and creeks as well as in swamps with slow moving water. It can live up to 600 years old. It is a legendary tree of the Deep South known for its “knees,” moss-draped crown, and buttressed trunk. It occurs in the coastal plains along the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean and north up through the Mississippi River Valley. Bald Cypress is a semi-deciduous tree that is cold hardy, and likes full/ partial sun and moderate water and fertilizer.

This will be the exact tree you would receive, we only have one of this item. If you have any questions, please contact us. Larger specimen trees can/ will require a custom built wooden crate for safety in shipping. The construction of this box could be an additional fee. Larger specimen trees can require freight delivery. The price of freight is subject to change, so please call for exact pricing.