Premium Koi Fish

We are proud to offer Koi, and Butterfly Koi from Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery in North Carolina.

Premium Koi

With bright colors and eye-catching patterns, Premium Grade Koi are perfect for people with a trained eye and high expectations. Premium Grade Koi have a great selection of colors and varieties with a price that remains reasonable. Our live Koi come from only the highest quality broodstock.

Butterfly Koi

We also carry what are now known across the industry as “Butterfly Koi”. They were first developed at Blue Ridge Koi more than 20 years ago. Over that time, they have spent countless hours refining their Butterfly Koi broodstock. The results? The most beautiful Butterfly Koi in the industry. All Butterfly Koi have long and flowing Butterfly Fins.

Visit the nursery to see our koi fish selection.

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