Beginner Bonsai Class – 2 Part Series

Instructor: Jason Osborne
Class Fee: $120

Our beginner class is a 2 part series.

Part 1: (average 4 hour class)

  • History of Bonsai.
  • Discussion of basic design principals.
  • Lecture on basic bonsai styles and view examples of each.
  • Bonsai Tools
  • Styling your own tree :

You will select a pre bonsai tree and style, prune & wire it in class with the teachers
assistance. Bring that tree back for your 2nd class.

Part 2: (average 3 hour class)

  • Pot Selection
  • Bonsai Soil & Fertilizing
  • Care & Maintenance
  • Repotting Bonsai : Learn to “bare-root” repot your bonsai

Class fee is $120.00 and includes the following:

  • Part 1 & Part 2 Class
  • 1 pre bonsai plant $25 value
  • 1 mica bonsai pot
  • 1 textbook : Introduction to Bonsai

Available to students during class:

  • Use of full Bonsai library.
  • Use of classroom tools if needed.
  • Bonsai wire for styling trees.
  • Bonsai soil and fertilizer for repotting.

Class are offered every month. Contact us for dates & availability.
Please Sign up for classes. Limit 8 students per session. Deposit required.
You can also check our calendar for dates.