Wigert’s Bonsai Classes

Wigert’s Bonsai offers classes months for all skill levels. New to Bonsai? Try our 2 part beginner series. Learn all the bonsai basics to get started in this hobby. Visit our events calendar for the schedule or contact us by email to see what is being offered. Please sign up for classes as space is limited.


Beginner Bonsai Class

A great introduction to the history of bonsai, styling and pruning your own tree and learning  proper care and maintenance.

2 Part Series

Instructor: Jason Osborne
Class Fee: $120

Our beginner class is a 2 part series.

Part 1: (average 4 hour class)

  • History of Bonsai.
  • Discussion of basic design principals.
  • Lecture on basic bonsai styles and view examples of each.
  • Bonsai Tools
  • Styling your own tree :

You will select a pre bonsai tree and style, prune & wire it in class with the teachers
assistance. Bring that tree back for your 2nd class.

Part 2: (average 3 hour class)

  • Pot Selection
  • Bonsai Soil & Fertilizing
  • Care & Maintenance
  • Repotting Bonsai : Learn to “bare-root” repot your bonsai

Class fee is $120.00 and includes the following:

  • Part 1 & Part 2 Class
  • 1 pre bonsai plant $25 value
  • 1 mica bonsai pot
  • 1 textbook : Introduction to Bonsai

Available to students during class:

  • Use of full Bonsai library.
  • Use of classroom tools if needed.
  • Bonsai wire for styling trees.
  • Bonsai soil and fertilizer for repotting.

Class are offered every month. Contact us for dates & availability.
Please Sign up for classes. Limit 8 students per session. Deposit required.
You can also check our calendar for dates.

Help Sessions

Bring in your bonsai trees that you need help styling, or have questions on the care and maintenance.

Instructor: Mike Lane
Fee: $30 per session

This workshop is offered the 1st Sunday of every month.
Morning session 9am-12pm
Afternoon session 12:45pm-3:45pm

Bring your trees to work with teacher’s assistance in this 3 hour workshop.
We recommend that you are comfortable wiring and repotting your trees to participate in this workshop. If you are a beginner, please bring only 1 tree to work on.
Class fee is $25 and does not include supplies, so bring your own soil and wire.
Classroom tools are available.

Bring in your bonsai trees for assistance with styling, or if you have questions on the care and maintenance. Work to progress one of the bonsai trees in your collection, or start a new project.

Our instructor, Mike Lane, has a great eye for design, and can give you some great ideas on styling your tree.

Please sign up for workshop. Limit 6 students per session.
Visit our events calendar for dates.